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Where it all began...


Musical theatre is where it all started for me. It was back in my early high-school years, when I played the piano in ambitious productions of Guys & Dolls and Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. My dream of becoming a classical concert pianist was slowly replaced with the dream of writing musicals.


Just a few years after, my first musical premiered...


The Canterbury Tales [2004]

The Canterbury Tales was my first serious venture into composition; a through-composed musical in 2 acts based on Geoffrey Chaucer's fantastic collection of stories. The musical premiered at my old high-school in February 2004 and was later performed at two other high-schools in Denmark.


Knud Den Store (Canute The Great) [2008]

When I was at Aarhus University (studying Musicology and Applied Dramaturgy), I was asked to compose some incidental music for the production of a play by the great Danish author Adam Oehlenschläger. It was a historical drama about King Knud Den Store (Canute The Great). The production called for a big orchestral score and was my first real experience writing epic orchestral music and dramatic underscore.


A new musical on its way [2015 - ?]

In the fall of 2015 I began working on a brand new musical (or music drama). I am writing the piece in collaboration with Marie Markvard Andersen who is an amazing Danish dramatist and songwriter. The musical is in 2 acts and will be less "epic" and "bombastic" than my two previous works for the stage. Rather, it will be written for a small cast and about 5-6 musicians. Stay tuned for updates...