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(August 2016)

The brand new German Children's audiobook Der Verzauberte Schild (The Enchanted Shield) was recently published in Germany by EGMONT - one of the major publishing houses in Denmark. The audiobook features my original 50-minute musical score.



An audiobook is in many ways like a movie without the images. Just like in a movie, music can play a significant part in the storytelling - touching the emotional side and adding drama and flow to the story.


I have scored a total of 15 audiobooks - big and small - since 2008 when I first "discovered" the genre. Children's stories are particularly suitable for musical treatment, as they are often full of magic and colorful characters, scenes and situations.


My audiobooks have been published (in Danish) by two of the biggest publishing houses in Denmark; Gyldendal and EGMONT. They include eight of Hans Christian Andersen's classic fairy tales as well as two comic books for the iPad and various other Children's stories.


Thumbelina and The Little Match Girl are also available in English. Find both audiobooks on iTunes.