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Production Music

A wonderful musical "playground"


In early 2012 I signed a contract with the major Danish production music library, Apollo Live, which is located in the heart of Copenhagen.


Since the summer of 2012, when my first album The Olympics was released, I have contributed with music for a total of 16 high-quality albums, all available for licensing across the globe at The Diner (United States), Intervox (Germany) and Apollo Live's very own search engine Findthetune.


More exciting albums are well on their way!




Working with Apollo Live has been a joyful experience for me, and a very inspiring and productive one as well - a wonderful opportunity for me to let loose and detach myself from the images and ambient sounds of a film.


The albums, which I have worked on so far, are all targeted towards the A/V industry worldwide, and they are indeed very different; from the colorful and exotic World Music on Nature & Wildlife to the unique and powerful Orchestral Music on Film Themes and the comic, magical and adventurous fairytale-like Children's Music on The Kids Adventure.


A dedicated production music library such as Apollo Live is in many ways a Godsend, because it makes it possible for us [composers] to get our music placed in productions that would otherwise be extremely difficult for us to get anywhere near - and in parts of the world that would be virtually impossible for us to reach on our own.






Latest albums featuring Morten's music:

House Work - Adult comedy (released October 2015)

Young Moms - Melodic (released December 2015)

Re-Charge (released August 2016)

Symphonic Love (released August 2016)

Chef's Table (released September 2016)

Face of Terror (released September 2016)

Markets - Bull or Bear (released September 2016)

Viola & Piano (released July 2017)





 More exciting albums are on their way!